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Thought Of The Day

Being judgemental is part of being human. Yet, being understanding is part of being a good human.

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I Was Sixteen.


I was sixteen you see.
Wild & Free,
Always in a Hurry!
I met new people and old ones,
I found more liberty!
I got to know Love,
I was met with mistakes & glee.
There were times of sorrow,
but the bad times didn’t grow as trees.
Naive & Stupid, I was running all around,
With love & affection for enemies…
It’s okay though.
They were my friend at a point,
Now the point is an infinite line,
Intersecting with only time.
The power is now in my mind,
To feel more love & affection for the right kind!
I am not sixteen you see,
yet I know how I used to be.
I can still be the fearless SHE,
I just stop myself from feeling ME.
If I feel HER anymore,
I will again be wild & free.
Life will become easy,
That’s not an adult life you see.
You need sufferings to understand the psychology,
To feel the pain & hurt more than guilty.
To live as an adult & keep remembering,
What it feels like, to be sixteen.