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Thought Of The Day

Being judgemental is part of being human. Yet, being understanding is part of being a good human.

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The Only Thursday Tactic You Should Apply

Tactics as per the term are the strategies that we can apply in our lives to be stronger- mentally, Physically & Emotionally.

But honestly, I am fed up. Fed up of the self help stuff. Fed up on working on myself each day and writing about it. Sometimes you need a break.

My Thursday Tactic is – Take A Break.

I can tell you to do several things to be your best self, I have, many times, but you can find so many articles and blogs for self growth, personal development, life lessons and what not! But only few will tell you the truth!

I am here, to write the truth that I am feeling and not pretend to be something I am not. So today I am feeling what I feel most of the times – CLUELESS.

I am clueless about the future and the present. I am clueless why I am so anxious and lost all the time. I am clueless why I am forcing myself to write everyday when I really don’t want to. I am clueless, why I procrastinate more and work less! I am clueless, why the hell, I JUST DON’T GIVE MYSELF A BREAK!!!!

“I define intelligent as being yourself.”

Here’s the clue. I am taking this break today. Not wanting to sound intelligent everyday, because I actually am clueless what intelligent even means anymore!

I define intelligent as being yourself. So, I am intelligent I guess. I started this weekday wonders series without a motive ( clueless writer) and for the first three days, I found a motive of learning things we haven’t so far! I pretty much succeeded in writing more than what I desired. Today, I wanted to write something about Thursday and Tactics. But I am not going to. Because Today, I feel the only tactic I want to share and apply is, “Give Yourself A Break”.

So, Take a break. Treat yourself. Love Yourself.

Thanks for reading.