Part Of Me

A part of me wants to leave you,

A part of me wants to stay.

Another part says , “let it be”,

And another says it’s okay!

I on the other hand, do nothing but listen,

To all of my part’s debates.

Pride, Hope, Life or Acceptance,

All of them wanting to win!

They look at me in a longing way,

As I look away!

I look at the other side,

A side where I want to play.

Away from their chaotic notions,

Away from their extended stays.

When I look away long enough,

They’ll probably want to sway.

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The Evil Side

My heart skips a beat,

I think too much I believe..

I fall easily but someone picks me up.

Every time I lose control,

Or give up,

Someone tells me I am badass enough.

It tells me to groan on people,

The ones who get under my skin.

It tells me to scream & shout,

At the ones, who do the same at me.

I feel, I like IT..

I like for IT to be around.

IT keeps me sane & sound.

IT helps me say NO &

Takes me for a ride in the side I’d enjoy more.

This side of me, only want the best for me,

Unlike the angelic one, 

That thinks about others before me..

The one that makes me feel the pain of others,

That can hurt me to make others happy..

That side of me, Not want the best for me,

But the best for people around me….

Whose side should I be on?

It’s a dilemma, to be an angel or to stay with evil,

To Let Go or to Keep Holding On with the devil,

To say what I’m truly feeling,

Or to think about other’s healings…

To be an angel, 

I’ll have to be more energetic with positivity.

It requires more effort and transparency.

This side wants me to put aside,

Every pain on the side, &

Take in some more with a smile..

It’s exhausting and overwhelming,

It’s boring and unworthy to be an angel.

Yet, It’s the dominating one, 

Between the twins, that are non-identical…

Yet, To be an evil,

Is fun & entertaining..

To laugh on someone is easy & containing..

To be selfish & say the bad words out loud,

To choose the evil, is too choose your true hound…

What’s hard is to suppress this side,

To choose the angel in disguise.

To suppress the evil is equally exhausting,

As to live with angelic behaviour..

In the world of evil & negatives on the loose,

The angel is the saviour,

To be evil is not a choice, but natural..

Yet, to choose angel is to be brutal…

On us, & not on other’s,

Angel in me wants what’s best for the world…

Don’t we all?

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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Watch “Can You Breathe? || A Poem On Mental Health || Storytelling || Tarunified” on YouTube


Watch “It’s Okay | A Poem | Storytelling | The Poetic Journal – Ebook” on YouTube

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Thought Of The Day

Being judgemental is part of being human. Yet, being understanding is part of being a good human.

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My Ebook Is Finally On Amazon !!


Just like everyone else, I’ve let justify success for me. I’ve let people tell me what achievements I have appealed to! But, when opportunities doesn’t come your way, you have to create one for yourself. No matter how scary it looks, once the opportunity is created, it’ll all be for the best!

I won’t lie, I was scared and so anxious about how I am going to do it and how it’s going to be received! To my surprise things turned out to be just fine! I wanted to publish a book for a long time, may be I was just looking for the right knowledge, the right platform & moreover, the right time!

My FIRST EBOOK- ” THE POETIC JOURNAL” is now available on Amazon & Kindle Stores.


The book is self-published via Kindle Direct Publishing. I won’t lie, it took me a while to finally hit PUBLISH! Just writer things!!! The book is a collection of my poems and a journey of love through the rhythm of words.


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What’s Your Monday Mood!?

Disclaimer: All the words written below are writer’s personal thoughts and experience based curations. Don’t take them as hard core Gyaan/Information. Just take it as relatable af.

Why monday blues?

Why mondays are considered so mundane!!??

Well, it’s Monday and I am writing this, not so dull to me! People often have three types of personalities on a Monday.

  • Motivated
  • Grumpy
  • Neutral

These three personality traits are related to your current emotional health, career path you’re following & your level of self-motivation. Let’s dig a little deeper into this.


The Monday Motivated Personality types are the natural positive people who see best in everything. These people are born & bought up in an optimistic environment and have the ability to look for the best in the worst. They take care of their emotions and overall well being. They understand the importance of time and hard work. These are people who enjoy the little things in life. A morning bird chirping is their inspiration for the day ahead and a smiling colleague is their source of happiness.

Mondays for the motivated people are the new beginnings they waited for the whole weekend. Yet, the weekend isn’t a weekend for them. It’s an opportunity to plan and work for the week ahead. These are people who never give up. They do take breaks in between. They relax and rejuvenate and recharge their brain- just to get back on track.

Their Monday Mood depends on their level of self-motivation & so, they’re most likely to be Motivated on a Monday.


Okay. I actually like these people. The Grumpy Personality Types are not THAT optimistic. They are anxious people who face the reality of life everyday and instead of ignoring it, they analyse their responsibilities. These are the most authentic lot of humans. They’re not grumpy because their nature is like that. They’re extremely loving and friendly people. They’re more real than anyone else out there. They may not enjoy each day, but they face each emotion with equality. They don’t force themselves to be happy all the time. They’re motivated when they’re motivated. If not, they’ll be whatever they’re feeling.

Their Monday Mood depends on their emotional health and so, they can be Grumpy Or Not Grumpy on a Monday.


These are the funny people. The Neutral Personality Types are the most fun and sarcastic ones out there. They just don’t care if it’s a Monday or any other day of the week. Their response to every day is pretty much the same. Their mondays are normal, just a bit added with work or some responsibility, that they have no problem tackling with. They are the most chilled out group of people. They give the best / coolest advices to people on everything. They’re the epitome of HAKUNA MATATA.

Their Monday Mood depends on nothing. Be it any career they opt or motivation they have, they just don’t think too much and so they’re Neutral.

Why Monday Blues?

Did you know that there is an official day dedicated to a particular Monday of the year and it is called as Blue Monday! As mentioned on Wikipedia, Blue Monday is the name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The concept was first published as part of a 2005 press release from holiday company Sky Travel, which claimed to have calculated the date using an equation.

Types of Research followed through a Monday Blues are supposed to be two.

  • Emotional
  • Professional

Emotional Health

Research tells and like I mentioned above that our emotional health is one of the most impactful factor of our behaviour in day to day life. Our emotional health decides our mood on any particular day, moreover Mondays.

Emotional reasons for having monday blues:

Mental Health Issues : As much as it is pretty much the reason for any kind of disturbance in our system, it is also a reason associated with Monday Blues. If you have depression or symptoms of it, you’re likely to experience monday blues. If you have anxiety or even a slight emotional setback, Monday blues will be at your doorstep.

Introvertedness : It is not hidden that the introverts have monday blues for an obvious reason – Social Interaction. It’s not that introverts hate social interactions, but they don’t like it either! Alright, introverts don’t like them. The weekends are the best for them because they can party on their own. Read a book, lay around, recharge their brain and spend their ME time. When Monday blues strike them, they somehow deal with it, until the night, when they’re again on their own.

Professional Temptations

Professional temptations (what I call it), are the constant urges to switch jobs and follow your dreams. That’s too direct but it is one of the main reasons for having monday blues. You don’t like your job or you want to do something else instead and once monday arrives, your professional temptation take you back to your dreams and aspirations you’ve had since always.

That’s pretty much it !

How To Deal With Monday Blues Like A Pro

If you fall in the category of “personality types on mondays”, you probably don’t deal with Monday Blues. But if you’re the one who has monday blues because of any reason, you can find the next few lines helpful.

  1. Organised Sleep Cycle: I know these aren’t the times to be asking you to get control in your life. But then when is the right time? The Right Time is always NOW. Take a good sleep or at least organise the current. Sleep cycle is directly associated with our mood. A good sleep makes a good morning and a better day.

2. Get Some Exercise: I can not emphasise on this any further. You workout, you rest better. You workout, you feel better. As simple as that.

3. Finish Your tasks on deadlines: Don’t postpone your work or any task to the next day or week. If you do so, you’ll never feel a freshness of a new day. you’ll get caught up in yesterday’s work and the “new beginning” will remain an “old error”.

4. Utilise your weekend: This simply means, don’t waste it. Don’t waste your weekends on unnecessary outings or clubbing. A weekend is to relax & recharge. Weekend is for yourself. Give it to yourself. I won’t say much, you know what’s right for you.

5. Do what You love: It requires immense courage, bravery and anxiety to follow your heart but once you do, there’s no stopping you. Find a job where you find absolute happiness. Or make one for yourself. You know you can!

Monday Moods are real and so are Monday Blues. I hope you found this information helpful. Comment below which Monday Mood are you in today! We shall help each other become better right!

Thanks for reading. Namaste.