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A Life Un-lived

Listen- A Life Un-lived

I could still hear the cheer. I could still feel the lights on my face. I could still smile at the possibility. I could still be a Rockstar! This was my another life. A life un-lived.

I still sing sometimes, but that passion is missing now. The soul lacks in transferring the sound waves through a listener’s heart. It could only reach to an ear or two. People could still praise me for the voice I have & the songs I sing. But they would never praise me for it touched their soul. Because I knew, it didn’t have the soul anymore. A soul for a soul, remember? If you don’t give a soul, you won’t connect to a soul either.

No matter how much you want it. No matter how much work you want to give into it, so that you can fill up the years you’ve lost without it, nothing will ever be enough. Nothing will ever fill up the void in your heart.

The emptiness I feel when I see someone perform on stage. That heart ache I feel every time someone tells me they’re a singer. That voice in my head that tells me, “I could’ve done it better”. It never goes away. It’s constant knock annoys me sometimes, but mostly, reminds me of what could’ve been!

Then, reality creeps in and all I’m left with, are tears and regret, sometimes guilt too. “What if, have I worked harder or stayed focused, or the passion wouldn’t have been lost?”

No, that doesn’t matter now.

I have a broken dream, that I can live, every time I close my eyes.

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An Open Letter To The Men I Know

Dear Men,

It’s not your fault, that the first time I met you, I doubted your intentions. The world has made me like that. Though, when I got to know you, you were a delight and a charmer. You made me laugh, you laughed at my jokes too! You shared your thoughts and really listened to mine.

I support the notion “Not All Men” , because of YOU. You never made me feel unsafe or insecure. Instead, You made sure, I was comfortable. Because you really meant it, when you said that I am your friend, your sister or your lover. Until,

I met the toxic ones along the way. Yet, I trusted them, because I always thought they’d all be like you. But here again, “Not All Men”. So ,they were manipulative, scary and desperate. Not for my love, but for my body.

They don’t exist to me anymore. Because I have more of you in my life and I am grateful for that. When I know I am a feminist, I also know, that YOU respect not just Women, But Everyone. And I respect you for that.

We never talk about gender equality, even when you call me bro, buddy, & babe, because I call you the same too. It’s not the WORDS that make us equal, but it’s our actions. I never had to tell you, that you’re being biased, because you chose ME as your Equal.

I understand, it’s hard for you too, to find a place for yourself, and to make people NOT misunderstand you. I understand, that you feel trapped in this battle of patriarchy and equality. In spite of the fact, that you just care about humanity. But You need to understand that for US, it’s a never ending battle too. 

The only thing Me & You can do, is to keep doing what we do and do it better everyday. Let’s remain friends, equals and competitors.

 Let’s learn together. 

Let’s grow together.

Let’s make this world a better place together.

Because You & I are EQUALLY capable. 

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Looking For The Shadow – A Short Story (Part I)

Trench coat, leather boots, a hat- Teresa wore her favourite outfit and her usual attitude. A red-wine lipstick shade, or as the fancy folks call it – burgundy may be! I don’t know, I focus on the colour, not the name. Just like, how Teresa loves fame and not the reason behind. Leaving at 10.00 a.m. sharp, everyday to visit her best friends in the park. Although, they never leave her side, but she still finds a positive vibe with them in the park. She walked all the way to the bridge that connects two sides of the city. She stops in the mid of the bridge and walks towards the edge. Holding the railing, she gazes into the water and looks at her shadow. She laughs and then frowns, yet the shadow remains intact. She dances and the shadow moves. So she says to herself, “There’s no change in life until there’s no effort”. She scoffs and starts to walk again. She sits on her usual bench in the park, waiting for her best friends, or moreover ignoring them!

They’re exhausting actually. They make her feel so bad about herself! She hates everything about her life when she’s with them! They’re so popular and because of that she’s famous too!!! But they’ve been friends for so long, that she can’t seem to break it off! They’re the only interesting thing in her life after all. So she doesn’t care why she’s famous, but she is and that’s what matters most. She’s been waiting for a while, where are they? She looks around her, people are hanging out, exercising, kids playing and the lake seems cleaner than yesterday. That’s nice. Suddenly, she starts crying. Tears roll down her eyes, yet her face remains expressionless. As the tear drops on her finger, she looks down and sees the droplet. She then touches her face and realises, it’s her own tears!

“Alright, you’re here now”, she taunts. “I was waiting when you’d show up. Took a long time today.” Nobody notices her talking to herself! She doesn’t care about that now. Her friend’s finally here.

“I was thinking about how nice it is that the lake is cleaner than yesterday. I wish you wouldn’t show up just then, I was having a moment there”! No answer! But, who’s she brewing for answers?

Eight months ago, Teresa went to the same bridge she was walking on today and jumped into the river. It was a suicide attempt, luckily she survived. But unluckily for her, she survived! She was all over the news the next day – The Girl Who ALMOST Died. She was kept in the hospital for a week and then was transferred to rehab. Two weeks into it, a psychologist came to see her. To council her or may be understand why she jumped off the bridge! The session was scheduled for 90 minutes, but went on for five hours!

“My name is Abdul Smith”, the psychologist introduced himself. “Abdul? & Smith? well, that’s quite unusual”, Teresa attempted to turn things on to him. “It’s not unusual. It’s suicidal“, Abdul attempted his dark humour! Teresa remained quiet. Smith realised, his dark humour is now failing him! He needs to up his game, if he wants this girl to get to talking.

“How are you feeling today?”, he tried to lighten the mood. “Fine.” That’s it? Fine? No, ‘Bad Joke’, ‘Not Funny’! This is my first day as a professional psychologist. She is my first patient and I am already in regret!!! My degree is a waste!

“Let’s get to the point okay. This is my first day as a psychologist and you’re my first patient, so I want this to workout. Whatever it takes”, Abdul confessed. “Easy Avenger! I thought that’s not how you people talk to the people who’re suicidal! Well, you’re not like the others I presume! Let’s get to the point indeed. Shoot your questions. I am not afraid of them or you or anyone else and I am certainly not ashamed of what I did!” Teresa is finally talking!

“Why did you do it?”, not wasting any more time on small talks Smith! “Why does anyone do it? I don’t want to live in this shitty world.” Teresa answered. “Why? Did someone wronged you in anyway?”, Abdul digs more.

“Everyone has wronged everyone. I am not the only one!”, Teresa argued.

“Tell me what you’re thinking and why did you jumped off that bridge. I don’t like to waste time on single sentences.” Desperate times, desperate measures! Smith knows by now, Teresa will only tell him the truth if he’ll talk to her in her own attitude. So be it. She’ll talk, it’ll work.

“Sad, but your time is up. See you back soon?! goodbye.” Teresa leaves for her room. Smith is impressed, how some people with mental health issues are so acceptable of their condition & can still maintain chivalry. Fine. Tomorrow.

“How are you feeling today Smith?” Teresa seems in a good mood to toy around. “No small talk. Remember”? Abdul is not getting smitten today! “Wow! That’s hot!” Teresa would do anything to stall talking.

“Why did you jump off the bridge?” Not wasting time today!

*10 minutes silence*

“Tell me! I may be able to change your mind about it!” Playing doctor-doctor but like a friend.

“I told you, I don’t want to live in this shitty world. A world where humans think themselves as God, where poor are treated as animals & animals are treated as nothing! I hate everyone. They’re selfish and inhumane. All they want to do is to fill their pockets. The crimes they commit are justified with money and with that power they exploit other people.” Teresa said.

“Is that all?” Smith asked.

“What do you mean IS THAT ALL? What is wrong with you? How can you take this so lightly? Rapes, Riots, Robbery, Lynching, Violence, Exploitation, Corruption and what not! And you don’t think that’s enough?” Teresa questioned.

“I am asking, if there’s any personal reason for what you’d done, you sound like a failed activist and not my patient.” Brutally honest doctor, for the brutal thinker sitting with him!

“These are my personal issues. My friend was raped by a guy who got away with the allegations because he had money. His family bribed the authorities incharge and they put charges against my friend, for fraud & defamation. My friend lost her job, her career is finished. Because the company didn’t want someone of her reputation to be working with the PRESTIGIOUS scoundrels!” Teresa confessed.

“Sounds like you felt very deeply for your FRIEND!” Abdul is questioning on her truth!

“I know it sounds like it all happened with me and I am covering up the shame by the name of a friend, but I own everything I do. I’d never run away if it had happened with me.” Teresa cleared out the allegations.

“But why kill YOURSELF?” Doctor is now officially confused!

“I am sick of it. There’s nothing good in this world. All I see is crime and fraud. People dying and people killing. I have a good family and a fulfilling job, but I am not happy with how things are in this world!” Teresa clearing the confusion.

“I am glad you’re not a public speaker, because you can be influential but for all the wrong reasons! You’re the most negative person I’ve ever met! BUT, you’re not wrong!” Abdul is quite agreeing with someone who attempted suicide for no personal reasons at all!

Teresa smiled. For the first time in a long while! Smith smiled surprisingly, seeing Teresa smile assured him, he’s on the right track. All I have to do is, give her a different approach about life and make her see the good in the world. Just like in the movies.

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A Scam Called DREAM

A Poetic Rant.

Let Dreams be dreams.

Don’t let them scream.

It’ll be worse than it seems.

They put pressure on our hearts,

And are empowered to control what we want!

They ruin reality, 

And don’t let life be.

They ask us to hustle,

 And in the process, we even forget ourselves.

Dreams manipulate our needs into desire,

Before we know it, our greed burns up like raging fire.

Dreams tell us to work work work,

All work & no play, makes us dull dull dull.

Life would’ve been easier without the power of the subconscious mind,

Neuroscience would be less complicated, & brain exercises would’ve gotten more time!

With the power of imagination, the human race survived,

But “with great power comes great responsibility” , is an understated line!

This scam that our brain runs, is one of a kind!

“Dream big and achieve big”- is the fraud of the century,

You DO the hard work with an ambition and not a dream itinerary!!

The time spent on dreams and daydreams alone,

Is half-life of an average human being.

What’s good in wasting time on senseless scenarios, 

Where you’re your only team!

Dream to be a writer, painter, singer, dancer — sound like a dream !

Real life is the antidote to delusional realities.

We can achieve these ‘ambitions’ if we work hard & have the skills at heart,

But we can never win in life, if we keep pretending to be smart!

Be smart and let the dreams be dreams alone,

Don’t push yourselves so hard before you’re grown.

Dream-land is a nice escape from the troubles of the world,

Yet, only in reality, you can touch the ground from above.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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Adult Tantrums & How To Deal With Them

The Reasons & Types of Adult Tantrums We Must Know.

Disclaimer: All the words written below are the writer’s personal thoughts, researched and experience-based curations. They’re solely aimed towards personal/self-awareness & growth.

Being in the early 20s, as much I dread adulting, there are some things I am happy I don’t do that the people of my age group usually do. I don’t drink alcohol (just once-twice a year to be honest), I don’t smoke, I am not a party person so, I don’t go to parties, I don’t date. Basically, I am content in my adulthood.Yet. I know it’s not going to get easier so I am just preparing for it by keeping my mental health in check. That’s the need of the hour. Yet, I am difficult on some days, because frankly, young adults are usually grown up teenagers right?

I have seen adults around me with some unbearable & intolerable issues. I thought, ‘why don’t I behave like that or what if I do and I don’t know?’ So, I decided to dig deep into adult behavioural facts and I came across Adult Tantrums!! I was shook yet intrigued because I finally had the answer for everything!

Adult Tantrums, as mentioned on psychology today:

Temper Tantrums, in general, are disruptive behaviours or emotional outbursts that involve physical acts or screaming. Many children never develop good coping skills — the tantrums continue into adulthood. Road rage, for example, is an adult temper tantrum.

Now that I know the term, I feel it’s my responsibility to share the information as much as possible, because it directly strikes to our mental health.

Adult Tantrum is a real thing and there are several reasons for it. The first one is — Being stupid. NO, I AM KIDDING. Let’s talk about WHAT ARE THOSE ADULT TANTRUMS!

The list are the kind of tantrums adults throw on a daily basis. These may include:

  1. Using a high pitch or a loud tone of voice while talking. (Yes, it’s kind of a tantrum. Normally people talk in a medium to low tone/pitch).
  2. Flinching, eyes rolling, frowning or no expression face. (I didn’t think about it this way before, but these are actual tantrums! Especially in a group or a workplace).
  3. Getting irritated by every little thing. (Okay. I throw this tantrum everyday!)
  4. Walking fast or back & forth in aggression. (No, Walking back & forth while talking on a phone is not a tantrum. Thank god!…).
  5. Aggressive hand gestures . (No, hitting your sibling doesn’t count.) Basically, while talking face to face.

These were some I summarised after searching “adult tantrums” on the internet! I got to know this today that “adult tantrums” is a real thing! I thought it was something we used to make fun of each other. Like using phrases at someone , “Don’t be such a baby”, “ why are you being so silly”, “you’re crazy”, “Are you out of your mind?”…. Guess what, all of this effects the adult even more than the reasons for their tantrums! So, just stop asking or reacting like this!

“This is all related to our Mental Health and the way it is being dealt with is not the right way.”

But, what can be the reasons for tantrum in adults? I thought about it and the way it has been taken in the world so far, I think WE MUST TALK ABOUT IT.

Dealing With Adult Tantrums:

Adult Temper Tantrum, Adult tantrum Therapy etc. are real discussed things!! It is only related to our psychology. An adult throwing tantrums, according to psychology & internet, can be because of the following reasons:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Narcissistic personality disorder
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Substance abuse

I KNOW!!!!! I had no idea! …

Okay, I had some idea. Now I have a lot of ideas…..Not EUREKA level ideas but eureka level. Like how can we identify and deal with all this on our own?

The above reasons for adult tantrums are too heavy to even think about, but people actually have these issues and they must be acknowledged. This is all related to our Mental Health and the way it is being dealt with is not the right way. Not because there isn’t any help available, there is. People just aren’t aware about the side-effects of any mental health issue. We ignore our day to day behaviour thinking of it as a bad day, PMS, Mood Swings etc. But we must think about how often we are having a certain negative emotion or slight negative feeling. We must monitor ourselves — mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

There are several ways to deal with adult tantrums, mental health issues or even to monitor our each move on our own:

“Whenever you’re feeling unsure or lost, journal”

  1. JOURNALING: I personally feel that journaling or writing things down is the best way to be self aware. Journaling helps us to understand not just what’s happening around or with us but also what’s happening inside us. It keeps the track of our emotions and why are we having them. Whenever you’re feeling unsure or lost, journal/ write it. It works like magic.

“Don’t let yourself lose yourself.”

2. SWITCHING OFF: The television, the phone, the laptop or any other screen you’re using! Take a break from technology. Technology is a blessing but only if we use it wisely. It can make us forget about all the good things we have in our lives, if we use it addictively. So switch off everything for a while. Do something else instead and come back to it, when everything is under control. Don’t let yourself lose yourself.

“Take 3 deep breaths. You got this.”

3. WORK IT OUT BY WORKING OUT: Exercise, Yoga or Running or even sports- any physical form of exercise is another way to channelise negative energy into something productive. It helps your brain and heart and also helps your emotional health. Meditation is another way you can channel the energy and stay calm and stress free. Whenever you start feeling anything you don’t want to, take 3 deep breaths. You got this.

“Once you share it with the world, you’ll see that you’re not alone in it.”

4. TALK ABOUT IT: Talking is the best way to feel better instantly. But I understand it’s hard to take control when your brain & heart are fighting over each other. It can make you feel alone and anxious. In that case, If you can not talk to a person, you can share your feelings in different ways. You can write blogs, create art and share it, click pictures, or even create music or anything you’re capable of. Once you share it with the world, you’ll see that you’re not alone in it. There are so many people who feel the same way and now that you’ve shared your story in some creative way, it has inspired those people who were hesitant to talk about it, to create for themselves. So, Create. Share. Love.

When I started writing, I didn’t know what it is exactly aiming towards. Now, I have figured that not just I want to understand the world better, but moreover I want to make myself & people aware of who they are & who they can be. So, I hope, this was helpful to you. Take care.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

“Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain With You”- Alfred Adler.

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I Cried A Little.

A Poetic Story.

Days have passed,

With pain inside my heart.

Suppressing it hard,

It could tear me apart.

I thought it was time,

Time to be smart.

I should cry a little,

It will help me restart.

Once I cried, watching a film.

Twice I cried, thinking about my kiln.

I knew I was crying for outside reasons.

Yet, I was sure, I wanted to cry this season.

I wiped my tears & went to sleep.

All I could think about was my own film.

The story of my life & how it’s turned out.

I couldn’t sleep. 

No matter how many times I turned, rolled or counted the stars!

I went to another room, sat in the dark,

To see if it was the film that had given me this part.

A part to play inside my head.

To feel that it was me in the story who’d broken her heart!

Turns out, it was the trigger I was waiting for.

It gave me all the reasons to cry a little in the dark.

I cried & wiped them off my face.

I knew it was important & healthy for me to give up at last.

I went back to sleep after it all.

I slept in a few moments to believe it or not!

It was a sound sleep afterwards.

I woke up the next day feeling fresh as a flower.

Crying has helped me before, but not when I was addicted to it.

It helps me balance my emotions in ways I couldn’t want.

Yet, crying a little once in a while is a sign,

That you know you’re human,

And you love yourself to be sometimes vulnerable,

& sometimes, to be fine….

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It’s Okay.

It really is.

To breakdown once in a while.

To let the world forget your mind.

To hear wrongs & feel trapped.

To love so much & lose yourself.

To cry when no one’s watching.

To have no clue of what’s happening.

To forget why you started IT.

To feel the pain and take it all in.

It’s okay.

To be vulnerable sometimes.

To lose people & to lose your mind.

To hide the hurt & pretend the smile.

To harden your heart , become arrogant with time.

To understand, life isn’t easy for all.

To give it time to turn back & crawl.

To have a heart but still using the brain.

To let it rain as humanity is strange.

To hold hands, just your own.

To be alone & trying to control.

To mourn the loss of who you use to be.

To be weak & accept our destiny.

To realise that everything happens for a reason.

It’s okay. You’ll be happy again.

It’s just another season……….


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Creativity Is Addictive

Addictions aren’t good. Is this one?

Disclaimer: Everything written below is the writer’s thoughts and observation-based curations.

“Your brain wants you to give up now, so that you can be limitless again tomorrow!”

Addiction isn’t good. There are many things we can be addicted to, I am sure you’re aware of many. But creativity is that addiction, we aren’t really aware of! I wasn’t aware of it, until I felt empty inside without it! 

It’s one of those times when you have written every word you could in the moment. When you have created every possible idea there can be & your brain wants you to give up now, so that you can be limitless again tomorrow! Yet, you feel you can do more, only if you get another creative IDEA! But you feel abandoned. Your mind has deserted you & your blank head is trying hard to focus and think of something! Anything! That’s when you are aware of it, that you’re addicted to creativity.

Creativity Addiction:

“Creativity addiction can be defined as the state of mind where even after working on your creative ideas, you crave for more, although your brain is exhausted & doesn’t support creativity anymore & wants you to accept that you’re done for the day.”

The Importance of Creativity

Creativity for a human being to survive is as important as breathing. Many people may not practice any artistic creativity, because that’s not for everyone but they’re, in their daily life, are in fact, Creative. The way they decorate their rooms, desks, kitchen, plants, garden or even wardrobe -All of it involves using our Frontal Cortex a.k.a the creative part of the brain.

Life is unimaginable without creativity & its importance is undeniable. A person feels empty, lost, anxious, hopeless, even useless in absence of it. A creative person however, is like a child when it comes to the work. Don’t disturb them. Don’t ask them questions. Set them free. Let them be. Let them do whatever they’re upto & the result shall be ART. That’s what creativity does to a person, it makes them experience the best times of their lives all over again. 

“It’s like a routine, to share ideas, art & content.”

How is one addicted to Creativity?

I have a headache, yet, I just want to write this and share it with everyone. It’s like a routine, to share ideas, art & content. Just like it’s a routine to share pictures on Instagram or to put a tweet. Those pictures & tweets are the work of addiction of social media, true. But they’re also the result of your addiction to creativity. How? 

Just take a moment & think. The last image you put online, does it have a different caption or composition? Did you edit it in a different way? Don’t you think it’s because of the fact that you want to be different and so you’re addicted to creative thinking to create different content everyday! Well that’s one reason to be addicted to creativity. 

“One can write the best-selling fiction franchise that goes on for generations, right before they’re thinking of taking their life!”

One can write a poem just on the sound of a cricket. One can create a painting by just closing their eyes. One can write the best-selling fiction franchise that goes on for generations, right before they’re thinking of taking their life! Remember Harry Potter? That’s one legendary creativity by J.K.Rowling. At 31, she wrote Harry Potter out of her battle with depression! 

From pain came treasure.

How’s Creativity related with Pain?

I have often said that pain can be addictive. I had written something in that context. Read it below before going ahead.

From where did the greatest poets or painters came? Why the artists that made art out of pain are so legendary? Eminem, Chester Bennington, Charles Bukowski, Bob Marley, Adele, J.K. Rowling the list can go on! But you get the point. Channeling the pain. That’s the secret. Thus, from pain comes creativity.

“If you’re hurt in anyway, you’re already addicted to creativity. That’s the way to deal with the pain & heal.”

Creativity Addiction Pros & Cons:

Yes. There are black & white to every story, every habit & every practice. So there are, for creativity. Anything gone out of limits can destroy the reason for its existence altogether.


  • It keeps our brain healthy & active.
  • It results in outcomes or creations for which others can be grateful for.
  • It expands your limits as a human. It gives you wings.
  • It helps you grow and understand your own capabilities 
  • It’s great for having a side-hustle for some extra income.
  • It makes you crave information. Moreover, learn.


  • It can exhaust your brain.
  • It can drive you nuts in the empty head space hours!
  • Creativity block can make you sick.
  • It can disconnect you socially.
  • It can cause anxiety. In absence of any creative activity, you can feel restless & stressed.
  • (The most dangerous one) It can cause addiction of other things.

You see how creativity is as good as bad it can be. It is addictive but we can control it, like any other addiction. In fact, better. So, whenever there’s a creative wave forcing itself on you, just remember to take a break & take the head-space needed.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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Love, Pride & Ego.

I saw it. The way you looked at her. 

I knew it. You would never look at me that way.

It took a while to let that sink in. Now it has. 

Let’s get to reality, shall we.

I won’t like your pictures anymore.

Not even if you still look the most handsome man.

I won’t click on your name and read our chats again.

Because whenever I read our texts, I see only I, Me & Myself. 

You’re there for pity & to save your back up plan!!!

No, I am not going to be your backup anymore. 

Especially when I am not even a prior friend. 

I won’t talk to you, ever. Even if you call, i’ll be as formal as I can be.

Even if it means to be rude & blimey on your part.

As, I am not that crazy-wild girl anymore. Not to you.

Not the girl you used to know!

I am not in love with you now. 

Even if I feel something with just your thought.

That doesn’t mean love. It means my ego has taken over your name.

I am not going to text or call you ever. 

No more swallowing my pride for the love that exists only inside me.

You were nice to me. But now you just don’t care.

That hurts you know!!! 

Someone loving you so much & you loving just yourself!

Well, I shouldn’t be angry at you. 

It’s not your fault that I fell for you!

But I am going to be angry at you, because I need to heal.

You see, I have to be angry & hate you for not loving me.

The love needs to be transformed into pride & ego.

It’s the only way I can let you go……