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quote of the day

Be Kind & Help Others.

Not For Who They Are To You,

But For Who You Are To Yourself.

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Plagiarism Of Personality

 We’re ignoring our uniqueness.

Disclaimer: Everything written below is the writer’s thoughts and observation-based curations.

Don’t you think it’s a race? Race of being the best by being- different, unique, weird, crazy, abnormal, spooky, and some more words to describe the latest trend in the market? How often do we see stories of a romantic pair, where the guy tells the girl or vice-versa, “I like you because you’re different”! Only they realize later, that they’re all the same!! They think their partner is different is because they pretend to be at the beginning of the relationship. I am not saying they can’t be different, but the odds seem quite not-in-favor of the notion! For instance, take all of us. The Medium Writers. Aren’t we all trying to stand-out? Trying to write the most different & the next cool article that is loved by everyone? Why do you think I am writing this cool & different post? Let’s face it guys, our purpose in life is love. To love others, yes. But mostly to be loved by others. We live for validation & crave it in everything we do. Henceforth, the race to be cool & different begins!

But why do we ignore the fact that we are different !?

Plagiarism of Personality:

What am I getting at? At a point, that in being different & cool, we’re losing the touch! The touch of reality.

Being Yourself is a luxury only a few can afford. In between all the haze of ‘getting noticed’, all of us are losing the one thing we must always hold on to! Being Ourselves. The problem with today’s mindset is not that we’re hustling over ‘plagiarism of personalities’, but not being aware of it! As individuals, we have individual personalities (everyone knows that), yet we’re unknowingly competing with ourselves & not with others.

“Plagiarism of Personality can be defined as a person who, despite being sufficient on their own, thinks otherwise & tries to adopt practices that are considered to be ‘cooler’ & have been adapted by several beings, to get the attention of the people who’re suffering from the same, unknowingly.”

We all are different and that is the most basic similarity amongst us.

Weird Is The New Cool!

Everyone NOW thinks/knows that weird is the new cool. Hence, everyone is trying to be weird in their ways. Even if it means to lose yourself! If you’re naturally NOT weird, you’re still cool because at least You are Yourself! Trust me, Weird isn’t the new Cool! Being Yourself is.

Yet, this is not easily understandable if you’ve gone too far! Then let me make it easier:

There are weird people. They’re cool.

Some people aren’t weird, but they’re still cool.

Why do we want to copy other’s personalities to be as cool as them?

Why can’t we accept that dude, we’re in fact, cooler than thou!

Weird isn’t the new Cool! Being Yourself is.

Still, you can deny that you’re suffering from plagiarism of personality. It’s okay. Because we’re all weird. We all are different and that is the most basic similarity amongst us. Yet, we can’t run away from the truth, which is, we’re all struggling to win over the other. But the good thing is, we still love each other & support each other in every way possible.

To make it easier, I am going to share some signs & solutions, if the plagiarism of personality has taken a toll on you.

Signs of Plagiarism of Personality:

  • Denial & Unawareness.
  • Constant thoughts on how to ‘prove yourself’.
  • Thoughts like ‘They did this. How can I do that to be better’ are also common.
  • Trying to be different.
  • Seeking validation.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Hard time making friends by setting higher standards for yourself.
  • Not feeling happy from the inside.
  • This list can be very long, but I’ll leave at it.

Solutions for Plagiarism Of Personality:

  • Be aware & accept the truth.
  • Work hard on originality and the results will show.
  • Get inspired by others. Not envied.
  • Embrace your different.
  • Stop giving a damn about what people think.
  • Be yourself. Accept you as you. Your confidence is the best thing to carry.
  • Be grateful for your true friends. Value their presence in your life.
  • Spend time with yourself. Love Yourself. You’ll be happier.

The point to remember is — You are YOU. There can never be another YOU. Don’t pollute that with plagiarism of personality! Embrace Yourself. We’re different and that’s why we’re cool.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.