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An Open Letter To The Men I Know

Dear Men,

It’s not your fault, that the first time I met you, I doubted your intentions. The world has made me like that. Though, when I got to know you, you were a delight and a charmer. You made me laugh, you laughed at my jokes too! You shared your thoughts and really listened to mine.

I support the notion “Not All Men” , because of YOU. You never made me feel unsafe or insecure. Instead, You made sure, I was comfortable. Because you really meant it, when you said that I am your friend, your sister or your lover. Until,

I met the toxic ones along the way. Yet, I trusted them, because I always thought they’d all be like you. But here again, “Not All Men”. So ,they were manipulative, scary and desperate. Not for my love, but for my body.

They don’t exist to me anymore. Because I have more of you in my life and I am grateful for that. When I know I am a feminist, I also know, that YOU respect not just Women, But Everyone. And I respect you for that.

We never talk about gender equality, even when you call me bro, buddy, & babe, because I call you the same too. It’s not the WORDS that make us equal, but it’s our actions. I never had to tell you, that you’re being biased, because you chose ME as your Equal.

I understand, it’s hard for you too, to find a place for yourself, and to make people NOT misunderstand you. I understand, that you feel trapped in this battle of patriarchy and equality. In spite of the fact, that you just care about humanity. But You need to understand that for US, it’s a never ending battle too. 

The only thing Me & You can do, is to keep doing what we do and do it better everyday. Let’s remain friends, equals and competitors.

 Let’s learn together. 

Let’s grow together.

Let’s make this world a better place together.

Because You & I are EQUALLY capable. 

Love, Personal Development, PSYCHOLOGY, Relationships, Society, Write

Found Peace?


I don’t know peace,

I know what it feels like occasionally.

May be its in the cup of tea,

Or in the sleeping soundly after tiring for weeks!

I find peace in planting seeds,

The soil makes me feel tranquility.

Sometimes I find it in cleaning around me,

It’s like cleaning your head & accepting the defeat!

Acceptance is another kind of peace,

Of wrongs & rights, separately.

Accepting the truth is what brings the tease,

Further realising the lies puts us to ease.

There’s peace in a good book & a story.

You can also find it in the words of your diary!

A word from an old friend,

A text from a long lost love that still aches,

The moving to a new place,

Or even moving the furniture inside the gates!!

All is peace in bits & pieces.

We even find peace in the moments of losing to nemesis!

Moments, that make our lives full & firey,

The little things that give us meaning & make life less tirey!

Those moments we live everyday,

Those are the real parts that gets our life into play…

Peace is find in the moments we pay,

Paid it off well, we realise it the next day,

When the peace is missing & things are at hay,

That’s when we know what it feels to be served by peace in a tray!