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Thought Of The Day

Being judgemental is part of being human. Yet, being understanding is part of being a good human.

Personal Development, PSYCHOLOGY, Society, Write

Clueless Is The New Clue!

“I mean, have you ever imagined

the ocean is alive, and needs to tell us something important, and the only way it can talk

is by making waves crash, and we just lounge there, drenched in cocoa butter, on towels

with crappy novels and volleyballs, sipping spritzers, as the ocean uses all its strength to repeat

the same warning over and over?”

(from the poem “The Berlin Mall”)”
― Jeffrey McDaniel

Let’s start listening then? The ocean, the birds, the wind & the stars are trying to tell us that we’re not alone. We have been given the greatest gift of all-TIME. But In this time of restlessness, how can we enjoy anything when there’s no clue of the future itself?

Yes, We’re clueless about the future and the present. Might as well embrace it?

Being clueless is not an option anymore, it’s a choice! The only one we’ve got. This is the time of crisis. Yet, if you’re NOT clueless, you’ll get into Mental crisis, before anyone else! So, just accept that you’re clueless and it’s okay. Because CLUELESS IS THE NEW CLUE FOR THE FUTURE.

We have been taught to plan, create & share. Planning & routine are the ultimate human sources for survival. But today, it’s the survival of the fittest. Your plans & routine doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is that your INSIDE & SAFE! It’s the right time to be clueless.

How Clueless is the new clue?

Do you have a job? Are you working from home?

You don’t have a job and are you still working from home to make it through?

You don’t care about job. You just want the world to be normal again?

All these questions have a single answer. YES. But this YES is clueless in itself. Because you don’t know for how long you’ll be working from home and when will everything be normal. THIS IS THE CLUE.

The CLUE, that it’s time for you to be clueless and actually enjoy it. No worries of what you should do to improve or how you can save money to travel & to buy that expensive gadget!! All you have to think about is TODAY.

What to EAT today?

Should I SLEEP more today?

Which MOVIE or Web Series can I binge today?

Which FRIEND to call today?

Should I try this new LOOK today?

Pain or Garden or Cook or Sing today?

These questions for EVERYDAY for the next few days.

Let’s enjoy this clue of cluelessness & embrace the TODAYs as long as we have them. Let’s take it one day at a time.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.