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A Walk Is All You Need To Heal

I am sure, just like me, you must’ve read and watched all the articles and videos about early morning routines and it’s benefits. I am sure, some of you are the early morning birds, that sing with ease with eyes closed, smile on a face and a fresh breeze kissing every ounce of your body. Robin Sharma wrote a Best-Selling Book on it, The 5 a.m. Club. I read it and got inspired but not motivated. I always procrastinated about ‘my early mornings’! 

Two weeks ago, I hit a major writer’s block. I forced myself to write two poems and they were okay! Yet, I knew I could write better. But, I just didn’t want to. I regretted my non-writing hours of the day. I apparently didn’t even read any online things of my fellow writers. Just kept my distance from the writing exercise and the community itself. For a week, I wasted time. I watched the Netflix series, DARK & read my unfinished books, ordered some more & re-read the old ones. 

A week later, I was enjoying it. I realised, I needed to waste sometime. I needed to take a break. Yet, I needed a routine. moreover, a morning one! Yet, I STILL DIDN’T WAKE UP EARLY. In fact, I used to sleep around 3 a.m. ! So, one fine day, I wrote this – The Power Of Wasting Time.

I literally thought that my writer’s block is over. Yet, I was still not motivated to be productive. So, wasted some more time, wrote in my journal, read more books, created some Content. But, I didn’t feel motivated enough.

 Two days ago, I decided to go for a walk in the evening. May be discover new roads to walk on. When I did, I felt something that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. The peace was easier to feel. The road was empty. There were bushy trees on both sides and there were just me, the sound of my footsteps and the song of the breeze (somewhat similar to the image). I don’t think I have heard such quite surrounding, ever! I had just fallen in love with walks in the nature.

I walked and just gazed into the beautiful blue sky, the monsoon green trees, the washed up road with a garnish of fallen leaves.

It was a wake up call. One morning I woke up around 5:30 in the morning and just went off!!! My eyes weren’t even wide open yet and my hair were messed up. But I didn’t care (Also, with the mask on, nobody would recognise me). Anyway, I walked and just gazed into the beautiful blue sky, the monsoon green trees, the washed up road with a garnish of fallen leaves. It was surreal! I came back and I felt like I was a new person. The nature really heals, I thought. I opened my laptop, I went to this site because I wanted to feed my brain with some breakfast. Coincidently, the first article I saw was ‘The Healing Power Of Nature’. It was relatable and informative but the satisfaction I felt was out of this world. 

Finally, I came down to medium and read some amazing stories. I wrote down some ideas I had and then, started to write this. Apologies for dragging you along the memoir! But without going backwards, there’s no moving forward right?

A walk is the stillness we need in a speedy world.

The Significance Of A Walk

I am assuming you’re intrigued. I used to go for walks before, but why did it affect me on such a high note this time? Simply, because I Needed It. Sounds cliche but it’s true. The fact behind the phrase ‘timing is everything’, is that it is. A walk can change the way you look at life. It can heal your mind, body and soul. A walk can take away all the pain and give you all the cure you need. 

A walk is an escape from the chaos of the world. A walk is the stillness we need in a speedy world. If we’re able to go for a walk, in between all this clutter in the world, there’s no one luckier than us. Because we can find a moment of peace and motionlessness in the natural state of motion of a human being, without having to think of the consequences but to experience it all. 

The Power Of A Walk

I shared my story, yet there’s more to it. A walk is a personal choice & its power on us is personal as well. However, some effects are common.

  • A walk is liberating: Remember, when in childhood, we used to go out and play. How amazing it used to feel. We used to wait for our play time! Same goes in adulthood, but with walks… Our playtime is replaced with a walk, but gives us the same feeling, leaves the same after effect and makes us powerful in feeling free.
  • A walk is the awaited ‘Me-Time’: Adulthood is hard and what’s harder is to find that time in a day, where you get to be yourself, with yourself. You get to be alone with your thoughts and get inspired with them. A walk is that moment. 
  • A walk is the easiest exercise: Also cycling. It’s the most effortless exercise for all aspects of us. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. a walk is great for everything. The only effort you need to put in, is to just go for it.
  • A walk helps you with ‘live in the moment’: When on a walk, with music or not, try not to use your phone. Just walk and look around. You’ll realise that time can be slowed down and you can worry less, because you’re learning to living in the moment because of the walk.

I want to share more about how amazing a walk can be, but I think you get the point. Now, all you need to do is to go for a walk in nature and experience the magic on your own. Be safe and happy walking.

Thanks for reading.

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Thought Of The Day

Being judgemental is part of being human. Yet, being understanding is part of being a good human.

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Daydreams & Us

Sometimes I open my laptop and start typing. Words just come in like how in a factory, products are being packed one by one! Yet, some other times, I struggle to put my thoughts into words like I’ve forgotten the recipe! Oh please! It is hard to find ideas to write on or create something out, it’s a brain not really a factory!!! But IT’S A BRAIN, NOT A FACTORY! EUREKA!

Millions of years ago, when homo sapiens had some other companions on earth and a fight for survival of the fittest was marching on, homo sapiens (our ancestors) survived even after being a bit weaker than the rest! How? Or should I say WHY!? Yuval Noah Harari wrote in his best-selling book Sapiens, “The ability to speak about fictions/ things that do not exist is the most unique feature of Sapiens language”. He calls it The Cognitive Revolution. We don’t know what caused it, yet it was the way we were different from rest of the species. We created stories, imaginable spirit guides and entertained ourselves. The ability to imagine got us through.

To imagine is not always fun because as we’ve grown, we have learnt to imagine the worst case scenarios as well – resulting in mental health issues!!! But, to Day-dream is different than imagining. We imagine only when needed but we day-dream when nothing at all is needed. It’s a fact that day-dreaming is a healthy brain exercise. We daydream when our brain is free of all the other things that keeps us occupied. For example, a meeting or a project. May be a date or relationships. Things that worry us or makes us think and use our brain more and more comes from different parts of the brain. Analytical & Empathetic brain-both are different. Day-Dreaming involves the use of all the areas of the brain combined except these two. During daydreaming, analytical and empathetic parts of the brain turn each other off! Mainly, when we day-dream all the parts of our brain are active, except these two, which is why we feel extremely relaxed.

It is also a fact that day dreaming makes us more creative. May be that’s why I am writing this, because I day dream like 50% of the time!!! It gives us new ways to express ourselves. So, yay.. Also, We tend to day dream less as we get older, so embrace this gift while you can!!! But another fact is- We day dream on purpose..Obviously, because we want to feel relaxed and we know we’re free to take a break… That might be the reason why we tend to work more enthusiastically after day dreaming… It’s like recharging our creative sides. As our brain controls our day dreams not our minds, I called it an effective brain exercise.

“The cost of oblivious daydreaming was always this moment of return, the realignment with what had been before and now seemed a little worse. ”
― Ian McEwan, Atonement.

It’s not always flowers and sunshine though! Is it?! Sometimes reality is so awful that we tend to escape in the imaginary world! Some researchers have proposed Maladaptive Daydreaming (or daydreaming that causes real problems in people’s lives) as a mental health disorder. They reported more obsessive-compulsive, attention deficit, and dissociative symptoms. Basically, the people who tend to daydream A LOT should stop doing it because it might be affecting their REAL lives as well. It causes distress and dissatisfaction! So beware of what your brain is exercising with.

To sum up- Daydreaming has been my favourite pass time for years. But now that I think about the time I wasted on that, could have been used for something productive may be. But- I grew more creative over time too! So it has it’s pros and cons. I tend to focus on the pros and keep it under a limit.

What do you think? Are you in control of your daydreaming or do you have any incident to share!? Comment below.

Also, Thanks for reading. Namaste.