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The POWER Of Wasting TIME

Listen – The Power Of Wasting Time

Disclaimer: I am not motivating you to waste your time and be sad about it later. I am telling you to take a break. Basically, I am telling you to waste your time in a more decent way, where you also learn things. I don’t know, keep reading .

Let’s get straight to the point. Who doesn’t like to just lie down, watch movies, read books and eat, sleep, repeat? Yet, our brain is trained to be productive. Our brain is active even when we’re asleep! Talk about being a workaholic! But we must not compete with the brain but with the zeal of it. Being a creative person is exhausting as it is. On top of that is being humongously productive! How can we cope with both, all the time! We need a break. A break to break the cycle of stress and brain-drainage.

You can break the glass ceiling, only when you’ve broken stress!

I have been trying to punish myself by worrying about not being able to create anything. Not with words, music or my podcast. Nothing. You can say, I am lacking inspiration or I am not motivated enough, procrastinating more ecetera ecetera. Yet, I am not going to let you tell me that. Nor should you tell this to yourself. You’re having none of those. You just need a break.

With break, I don’t mean a vacation and ditching social media. Firstly, vacation is impossible, for who knows how long and secondly, I don’t believe in a social media detox. Because in my opinion, it’s quite stupid. Not being aware of what’s going on in the world, especially in 2020, is your lacking as a human being. So, social media is a great way to learn things. But if you still need a detox, may be you aren’t using it the right way.

With break, I mean – Mental Break. A break where you worry less, think less and don’t force yourself either. Basically, waste time but with dignity.

How do we waste time with dignity?

Wasting time often includes- Daydreaming, sleeping more than required, watching movies, scrolling down to social media most of the day, eating more because you’re bored and doing nothing. But wait, are you really wasting your time?

Daydreaming? It’s a part of creative process, so you’re actually working.

Sleeping more? You haven’t slept like that in a long time, you deserve longer naps.

Watching movies & everything else? You’re forming new perspectives, learning about new topics and so, you’re collecting content.

Social Media Scrolls? You’re staying updated. Period.

Eating More? That’s a human need.

Doing Nothing? Your brain is recharging for more work , whenever you’re ready.

Now, with adding some more things, your wasting time becomes a power.

Reading- See, I know what you’re going to say! Reading is boring, it’s hard, I can’t concentrate blah blah blah!! Those are just excuses my friend. If you REALLY want to read, you’ll stop making excuses and start reading.

I read somewhere,

“If you don’t like reading, you just haven’t found the right book.”

Start finding the right book and read, sleep, eat, repeat.

Spending time with your heart- Meaning, do what makes you happy. Like for me, I read, sing, learn to play an instrument and spend time with friends and family (virtually). This makes me happy and the pressure of writing and creating becomes little. So, do what makes your heart sing.

Talk to more people- I have been talking to many new people on different social media platforms. Like the people, who I knew, but never got the chance to really know them. You know what it did? It made me more compassionate, empathetic and literally happy.

Because we’re all struggling with one thing or the other, it’s better to do it together. Right?

What happens when we waste time like that?


That’s the POWER of wasting time. It just helps us realise what’s important and that even with all the toxicity in the world, there is so much more to life & we just need to live it right to feel it.”

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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My Ebook Is Finally On Amazon !!


Just like everyone else, I’ve let justify success for me. I’ve let people tell me what achievements I have appealed to! But, when opportunities doesn’t come your way, you have to create one for yourself. No matter how scary it looks, once the opportunity is created, it’ll all be for the best!

I won’t lie, I was scared and so anxious about how I am going to do it and how it’s going to be received! To my surprise things turned out to be just fine! I wanted to publish a book for a long time, may be I was just looking for the right knowledge, the right platform & moreover, the right time!

My FIRST EBOOK- ” THE POETIC JOURNAL” is now available on Amazon & Kindle Stores.


The book is self-published via Kindle Direct Publishing. I won’t lie, it took me a while to finally hit PUBLISH! Just writer things!!! The book is a collection of my poems and a journey of love through the rhythm of words.


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WORLD BOOK DAY: How I Went Back To Reading!

It’s not easy to break a habit. Once broken, it’s not easy to re-form it. Especially, a habit that requires will, concentration & determination but ends up only in procrastination!! No. I am not talking about writing, although it’s traits are quite similar but as clear from the title, I am talking about reading! 

Reading has been a core part of my routine for a longer time, but somehow with the job & house chores & more, I kind of lost interest in it! I used to keep my books on the desk, in the front so that I can let myself WANT to read, but that never happened. Then, the lockdown happened & I still didn’t read!! I know I wanted but I didn’t. I picked them up, looked at the covers, the ones I’d left half read, I embraced them with my fingers, remembering about the story & just before I could open it, I put it back on the desk! Instead, I watched movies & series! I felt guilty sometimes, but not enough to actually do something about it!

 “We need change in order to survive!”

What I did to get back to Reading:

I shifted to a different room & gave it a different ambiance so that I feel the CHANGE. Because we need change in order to survive! That room didn’t have a television, nor it had the wifi. I just had my phone, some books, some stationary for writing & colouring & my laptop. So, basically, I minimalised the sources of entertainment. For some more, I also had my ukulele. Never much used it, as I was procrastinating for it as well!! But, this isn’t about it. It’s about reading. 

Once I started living in this new room, I felt more free and less pressurised to DO things! I just did what I wanted to IN THE MOMENT. So, at first, I did some colouring! Threw some random oil pastels on the sheet, hoping to get something for the wall!

“I didn’t force myself to do things & it helped me to do more.”

 Here’s what I created:

I think it’s better than what I used do in the name of art!!! Anyway, the point is, it worked. I didn’t force myself to do things & it helped me to do more. I started watching Harry Potter for like the 100th time! Then, I picked up a book & started reading from where I had left. The book was The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni . This book is based on the Indian epic — Mahabharat. Only in this book, the author have narrated the story through the perspective of the female protagonist of the tale , Draupadi.

I started re-reading it and I was trapped in the story, all over again! Now, I am liking it and I have time for it or should I say, I value my time for reading!! So, my reading list now involves:

  • Women by Charles Bukowski
  • Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (1/4th read)
  • Incognito by David Eagleman (1/4th read)
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

I love all of these but just like a child loses interest in some of the toys, I lost it too! Only the child doesn’t know the value of those toys, but I do. So, that’s how I went back to my books & resumed my reading habit after months.

Points to remember:

  • Human Beings need constant change in life in order to survive better!
  • Minimalising is the way to de-clutter our minds & life.
  • Do things you feel like doing in the moment.
  • Do not force your way to creativity. 
  • Books are our best companions.

With these points, I leave you with a motive to not be bombarded with thoughts but ways to organise them.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.