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Toxicity is like burning in hell. Yet, we burn alone as well. But what about burning with someone who isn’t right for you? Click.

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Creativity Is Addictive

Addictions aren’t good. Is this one?

Disclaimer: Everything written below is the writer’s thoughts and observation-based curations.

“Your brain wants you to give up now, so that you can be limitless again tomorrow!”

Addiction isn’t good. There are many things we can be addicted to, I am sure you’re aware of many. But creativity is that addiction, we aren’t really aware of! I wasn’t aware of it, until I felt empty inside without it! 

It’s one of those times when you have written every word you could in the moment. When you have created every possible idea there can be & your brain wants you to give up now, so that you can be limitless again tomorrow! Yet, you feel you can do more, only if you get another creative IDEA! But you feel abandoned. Your mind has deserted you & your blank head is trying hard to focus and think of something! Anything! That’s when you are aware of it, that you’re addicted to creativity.

Creativity Addiction:

“Creativity addiction can be defined as the state of mind where even after working on your creative ideas, you crave for more, although your brain is exhausted & doesn’t support creativity anymore & wants you to accept that you’re done for the day.”

The Importance of Creativity

Creativity for a human being to survive is as important as breathing. Many people may not practice any artistic creativity, because that’s not for everyone but they’re, in their daily life, are in fact, Creative. The way they decorate their rooms, desks, kitchen, plants, garden or even wardrobe -All of it involves using our Frontal Cortex a.k.a the creative part of the brain.

Life is unimaginable without creativity & its importance is undeniable. A person feels empty, lost, anxious, hopeless, even useless in absence of it. A creative person however, is like a child when it comes to the work. Don’t disturb them. Don’t ask them questions. Set them free. Let them be. Let them do whatever they’re upto & the result shall be ART. That’s what creativity does to a person, it makes them experience the best times of their lives all over again. 

“It’s like a routine, to share ideas, art & content.”

How is one addicted to Creativity?

I have a headache, yet, I just want to write this and share it with everyone. It’s like a routine, to share ideas, art & content. Just like it’s a routine to share pictures on Instagram or to put a tweet. Those pictures & tweets are the work of addiction of social media, true. But they’re also the result of your addiction to creativity. How? 

Just take a moment & think. The last image you put online, does it have a different caption or composition? Did you edit it in a different way? Don’t you think it’s because of the fact that you want to be different and so you’re addicted to creative thinking to create different content everyday! Well that’s one reason to be addicted to creativity. 

“One can write the best-selling fiction franchise that goes on for generations, right before they’re thinking of taking their life!”

One can write a poem just on the sound of a cricket. One can create a painting by just closing their eyes. One can write the best-selling fiction franchise that goes on for generations, right before they’re thinking of taking their life! Remember Harry Potter? That’s one legendary creativity by J.K.Rowling. At 31, she wrote Harry Potter out of her battle with depression! 

From pain came treasure.

How’s Creativity related with Pain?

I have often said that pain can be addictive. I had written something in that context. Read it below before going ahead.

From where did the greatest poets or painters came? Why the artists that made art out of pain are so legendary? Eminem, Chester Bennington, Charles Bukowski, Bob Marley, Adele, J.K. Rowling the list can go on! But you get the point. Channeling the pain. That’s the secret. Thus, from pain comes creativity.

“If you’re hurt in anyway, you’re already addicted to creativity. That’s the way to deal with the pain & heal.”

Creativity Addiction Pros & Cons:

Yes. There are black & white to every story, every habit & every practice. So there are, for creativity. Anything gone out of limits can destroy the reason for its existence altogether.


  • It keeps our brain healthy & active.
  • It results in outcomes or creations for which others can be grateful for.
  • It expands your limits as a human. It gives you wings.
  • It helps you grow and understand your own capabilities 
  • It’s great for having a side-hustle for some extra income.
  • It makes you crave information. Moreover, learn.


  • It can exhaust your brain.
  • It can drive you nuts in the empty head space hours!
  • Creativity block can make you sick.
  • It can disconnect you socially.
  • It can cause anxiety. In absence of any creative activity, you can feel restless & stressed.
  • (The most dangerous one) It can cause addiction of other things.

You see how creativity is as good as bad it can be. It is addictive but we can control it, like any other addiction. In fact, better. So, whenever there’s a creative wave forcing itself on you, just remember to take a break & take the head-space needed.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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How Anxiety Attacks | A Self Portrait Series

Anxiety is real and there’s no escaping it once it hits you.
Some people are aware and some are just confused.
Mental Health should be talked more often.
The experiences should be shared in different ways. Because nobody is alone in this.

Especially in this time, where we’re struggling in one way or the other. Talking about it won’t make IT go away,  but it’ll make US better as a human being.

Here’s a photograph series describing how anxiety attacks.

If you have trouble with mental health, please talk to people, write it out or talk to me. I know how hugely mental health can effect our lives. You’re not alone.

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Daydreams & Us

Sometimes I open my laptop and start typing. Words just come in like how in a factory, products are being packed one by one! Yet, some other times, I struggle to put my thoughts into words like I’ve forgotten the recipe! Oh please! It is hard to find ideas to write on or create something out, it’s a brain not really a factory!!! But IT’S A BRAIN, NOT A FACTORY! EUREKA!

Millions of years ago, when homo sapiens had some other companions on earth and a fight for survival of the fittest was marching on, homo sapiens (our ancestors) survived even after being a bit weaker than the rest! How? Or should I say WHY!? Yuval Noah Harari wrote in his best-selling book Sapiens, “The ability to speak about fictions/ things that do not exist is the most unique feature of Sapiens language”. He calls it The Cognitive Revolution. We don’t know what caused it, yet it was the way we were different from rest of the species. We created stories, imaginable spirit guides and entertained ourselves. The ability to imagine got us through.

To imagine is not always fun because as we’ve grown, we have learnt to imagine the worst case scenarios as well – resulting in mental health issues!!! But, to Day-dream is different than imagining. We imagine only when needed but we day-dream when nothing at all is needed. It’s a fact that day-dreaming is a healthy brain exercise. We daydream when our brain is free of all the other things that keeps us occupied. For example, a meeting or a project. May be a date or relationships. Things that worry us or makes us think and use our brain more and more comes from different parts of the brain. Analytical & Empathetic brain-both are different. Day-Dreaming involves the use of all the areas of the brain combined except these two. During daydreaming, analytical and empathetic parts of the brain turn each other off! Mainly, when we day-dream all the parts of our brain are active, except these two, which is why we feel extremely relaxed.

It is also a fact that day dreaming makes us more creative. May be that’s why I am writing this, because I day dream like 50% of the time!!! It gives us new ways to express ourselves. So, yay.. Also, We tend to day dream less as we get older, so embrace this gift while you can!!! But another fact is- We day dream on purpose..Obviously, because we want to feel relaxed and we know we’re free to take a break… That might be the reason why we tend to work more enthusiastically after day dreaming… It’s like recharging our creative sides. As our brain controls our day dreams not our minds, I called it an effective brain exercise.

“The cost of oblivious daydreaming was always this moment of return, the realignment with what had been before and now seemed a little worse. ”
― Ian McEwan, Atonement.

It’s not always flowers and sunshine though! Is it?! Sometimes reality is so awful that we tend to escape in the imaginary world! Some researchers have proposed Maladaptive Daydreaming (or daydreaming that causes real problems in people’s lives) as a mental health disorder. They reported more obsessive-compulsive, attention deficit, and dissociative symptoms. Basically, the people who tend to daydream A LOT should stop doing it because it might be affecting their REAL lives as well. It causes distress and dissatisfaction! So beware of what your brain is exercising with.

To sum up- Daydreaming has been my favourite pass time for years. But now that I think about the time I wasted on that, could have been used for something productive may be. But- I grew more creative over time too! So it has it’s pros and cons. I tend to focus on the pros and keep it under a limit.

What do you think? Are you in control of your daydreaming or do you have any incident to share!? Comment below.

Also, Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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Why It Is Important For Us To Talk Heart To Heart

Remember? The nights of utter silence. The days of extreme presence and the evenings with true stories…. I remember each and every moment, where I lived my 100%, in the moment. I remember them because I WANT TO. Now I don’t get the moments where I don’t THINK! If you’re the same, you know what I am trying to say.

I still remember playing basketball with my best friends. I miss it everyday. I still remember the long walks on rainy days and the loud laughters in between the say! I still find treasure in my memories when I told my best friend that, “Hey! You’re my Best Friend”… And can never forget how she said the same. It was in 11th standard during a free class. It was my first heart to heart with her. I realised how important it has been for me…

I have told the people that I LOVE them so many times, that I am pretty sure they might start doubting that I do! But how it feels after you say it, is like therapy. I understand, sometimes it’s troublesome. Your true emotions are hard to express. That is why you keep them locked inside the chamber of secrets. Yet, there is always a Harry, who’ll open it once he knows the language…! (Potter-heads having an orgasm right now?! You’re welcome.) I had trouble too. I started writing. Blogging. Talking…. Well, I love talking if I want to! Especially when it is heart to heart. Still. I do talk. So, Ask yourselves this, “When was the last time I had an heart to heart conversation with ANYONE for that matter?”! Your answer may lie in that frown you just made! Or may be in the smile of satisfaction! Any which way it is, an heart to heart is important.

Here’s why:

It Keeps You Happier

I don’t need to elaborate on this. You know you feel happier or better whenever you share feelings with someone. it’s a basic human need. That’s why we love! We have companions, friends and family. They make us happy. When you go heart to heart with them, you know they won’t judge you and will accept you as you are. That makes you feel happier. So, go now, talk to someone and tell them whatever it is you want to say. It’s better than wasting it inside yourself!!

It Gives You “Your Tribe”

This one’s also a no brainer. You choose friends, they choose you. The choice isn’t based on any demographics, it is based on the connection. With the heart to heart talks, you find your tribe too. You know the true ones who’ll be there for you no matter what. You can cry in front of them and tell them that you’re hurt and they’ll love you more. You can get drunk with them and they’ll hold you. They accept you and you accept them.

It Keeps You Grounded

Yes, it does. When you talk heart to heart with people, there’s no place for pretending or lies. There’s no room to hold grudges. Whatever is inside your head, you’ve shared it out, which is why you become more understanding of people and their behaviour. You care more and that keeps you honest and grounded.

You Find Yourself

This is the most important outcome of going heart to heart with people. When you share your heart and listen to other’s, you become aware of emotions you weren’t before. You start understanding yourself. You realise the repercussions of all your actions, even before you take them. You analyse things better , your approach to things become more practical. Your EQ (Emotional Quotient) is higher which makes you mature and responsible towards people and yourself. The self-awareness you get makes you serious about the things that YOU want. You find yourself in the process. The greatest gift of an heart to heart is to find ourselves!

The greatest gift of an heart to heart is to find ourselves!

These were some reasons to go heart to heart today. I know there are more. If you find any of yours, please share them in the comments below. If you think people should talk more heart to heart, share this with them.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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How Anxiety Helps With Productivity

Anxiety has two sides. A black and a white. But only an artist sees the grey area in the middle which is a treasure for creativity. Still, as easy as it sounds, it’s hard to channelise negativity for productivity. You have to master it at will and with self-control. Whenever anxiety creeps in, our brain goes into anticipatory mode which makes everything worse. But what a writer should do during that phase, is to trick the brain into thinking that they’re anticipating but in fact, they’re thinking about the deepest emotion that can create an article, a painting, a song, a poetry or even a quote.

Now , how do we do that?

Stop Thinking

When you’re at the peak of your anxiety, you feel restless and hopeless. Tears are sliding down your face and your breath is racing as fast as your heart is beating. All of this makes so much noise in the brain that some voices pop up in our heads that make it impossible for us to realise that THIS IS THE MOMENT for the creative thinker in me. So, the hardest part is to STOP THINKING. When you think, you imagine the worst and your logical or analytical thinking goes numb. You can stop it. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and shut the voices down.

Now you don’t think to create or what to create You just pick up your notebook and a pen, or instrument or your laptop and start showering thoughts.

The brain is tricked into thinking that we’re still in the zone to sulk and guilt. But what you’ve done is to use those emotions into something meaningful and productive. That’s how I wrote How it feels to wake up with anxiety everyday! Yes, it’s way to direct. It’s like a journal, but what it did for me was magical.

Anxiety is a monster but only the magic in us can defeat it. The magic of CREATION. We, the Sapiens are most unique and developed beings since forever only because of our capabilities to imagine and create.

That’s what makes us different. Embrace that difference.

After I wrote the above mentioned piece, I felt like an elephant feet was off my chest. That’s what creating something/anything, does for me on a daily basis.

Create Everyday

I know. This habit is not easy to form but it’s addictive once formed. Don’t be mis-conceptualised with writing everyday. It doesn’t mean you have to post your art somewhere. It doesn’t mean you have to meet a deadline or it won’t count. See, the count doesn’t matter. What matters is how you’re using creativity as a healing technique for yourself. So, you can write a poem, a journal, a quote, a story, a song, draw, paint. It’s okay if you don’t want to share it with the world. I understand. When you’re most vulnerable, what you create in that moment is your most personal stuff. So, just create whatever and wherever.

I used to journal it out or write some poetry. It did the trick. But when writing gave me too much of relief, it became a habit. To write ANYTHING but just write. So now, I write everyday in different ways. Sometimes on Quora , on Medium or this blog. If these aren’t the ones, then I write in my journal and keep it to myself. I started this podcast on spotify as well which made me realise the power of words. I just channel my emotions at the right space now. You can try it yourself. It’s a bliss.

Talk About It

I take my words back when I said “stopping to think” is the hardest part.

This is.

To talk about the deepest emotion you feel, whose reason is still unknown to yourself!

The reason people say to “talk about it” is because it is one of the healing techniques for mental health. Yet, for an artist, it’s another exercise. How? Glad you asked. When we talk about anxiety, the words we use, the references we use, even the metaphors we use in the conversation helps the artist in us to understand it better. It’s just a reflection of your art. Talking about it also helps us find ideas to create something new. Try talking about it. I assure, it will help YOU and the ARTIST YOU.

Productivity is channeling negative emotions…

I hope this helps some people who have struggled or are struggling with anxiety to not struggle anymore but to show it, that anxiety messing up with an artist is a BAD IDEA.


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When I say “Unconditional” , it doesn’t mean there are no conditions for how and why I am writing this piece! There are! The condition starts with me trying damn hard to maintain work-passion balance. Another one lies in my coping with NOT wanting to write because I am tired after work! Another one doesn’t have to be relatable to you but it is. Simply because WE as a Human entity cease to exist in a world without conditions. But how do you feel when somethings happen without explanations? Like listening to music while writing is my condition. In fact, listening to music while cooking, eating, travelling, working and living is my ultimate condition! But I can’t explain why is that! Hence, My listening to music is kinda UNCONDITIONAL. I listen music unconditionally, without question!

I, as a Human, depend on conditions but as a being who can FEEL, I become UNCONDITIONAL.

Feeling Innocent:

No, I am not innocent. None are. But don’t you go out in the rain, splash the water, eat street food and ice-cream, laugh out loudest, be yourself-the good the bad! That’s innocence you can’t stay away from. Believe me, that’s UNCONDITIONAL. We‘re unconditionally Yourself.

Feeling Brave:

We’re brave. Accept it or not. We are brave when we fight our battles inside and walk with a smile. We’re brave when we miss someone so damn much but refuse to talk to them because we deserve better than ignorance. We’re brave when we leave the junk and run to get fit and healthy. Yes, we’re brave because we live with our opinions, our values and our beliefs even if the world is against it. Because for us, it’s unconditional. Things that define us have no conditions . We’re unconditionally strong.

Feeling Fake:

Since, we’re talking about unconditionality, it’s important to mention REALITY! We’re all fake, whom are we kidding! We fake smiles, nods, agreements, laughter, compliments, even orgasms! We are corrupt beings. But can you find the reason why? We’re not people pleasers! Some aren’t at least. We don’t care what people think of us, yet we still are fake! It’s another unconditional trait we have! We fake things to avoid stress, fights, arguments, taunts and trolls! We hate to get in trouble, but when we do, we face it till we can’t fake it! We’re unconditionally fake in conditions. It’s our nature. We’re unconditional liars.

Feeling Temporary:

I apologise to all the people with whom I’ve made weekend plans and cancelled at the last moment! What can I say! With the start of the week I am all energised, optimistic and enthusiastic about meeting friends and people and socialising. But as long as the week ends and weekend arrives, my socialising will is diminished to the size of an atom! All this because I feel things temporarily! Don’t you? When you plan for the whole week about being super productive and hitting the gym everyday, eating healthy and staying hydrated but something makes you skip it, or improvise it to less! That feeling temporary is also in our nature. People who say women have extreme mood swings are wrong! We do, but EVERYBODY has mood swings. That’s why our feeling temporary is unconditional. it doesn’t depend on what conditions we live our lives on, what matters is that those conditions are itself temporary. Sometimes we’re unbreakable and sometimes we’re damaged. We’re unconditionally unknown to ourselves.

No I am not going to talk about unconditional love, hate, jealousy , hurt and pain! I am unconditionally tired of talking and writing about it and if you still haven’t understood these emotions then nobody can help you! Not even God! Because GOD doesn’t discriminate between Conditional & Unconditional.

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What It Means To Be Human

Oxford dictionary defines “human” as some words I don’t remember. Same goes with Wikipedia, Webster’s dictionary and so on…

How I define “human” is way different than heavy words and grammatical corrections! It’s more than words. It’s about emotions really and how amazingly we can channel each emotion to create something extraordinary.

To Be Human, is to feel the Extraordinary.

“Feel the Extraordinary”…. 

We as humans can feel the things beyond our imagination. We can feel unconditional emotions! Like Empathy, Compassion, Love, Kindness and so much more! And that too, for total strangers!

But we limit ourselves! We don’t use the “Human Superpower” to the fullest!

We are contained within the things we’ve been taught by our mentors or friends!

We desire for more and more but for materialism.

What will happen if we start to desire for more emotions to flow inside us? Of course you do !

But the wrong ones!

We tend to desire the negative emotions more than the positives. Hence, the violance, hatred, crimes and destruction! Now don’t tell me it is to balance things out! No amount of negativity is to balance or for good!

Yes yes! I know! Humans are of different perspectives and have different types of backgrounds, hence the negativity! But can’t we change it!?

Just imagine a life, where the only negativity you face is the office politics!

Initially, it will be suffocating and annoying! Like, why is everyone so nice!? Then, you’ll doubt everyone’s move, like what do they want from you , why are they being so nice!!?

Isn’t this what happens today?

The real, genuinely nice people are suffering the doubts of ‘to be nice humans’ …

Their desire to “Feel the Extraordinary” is diminished to anxiety and loneliness!

Hence, they start feeling the negativity more than anyone!

But if only we could be more UNDERSTANDING!!

If only we could “Understand the Impossible!”

To Be Human, is to understand the impossible.

I mention “impossible” because if we can assume the worst case scenarios in everything, we can as well understand the impossible!

If we could understand someone being rude, that they might be having a rough day or a rough patch personally!

If we could understand if someone is hating us, it doesn’t mean they really hate us! But that’s the only feeling they know!

If we could understand, why someone is talking bad things about us, that may be they admire us secretly but they’re habitual to stay on top! And it’s okay!

If we could understand, that violance is not the way, that hatred can ruin us in return, we would have been more peaceful!

I know, there’s no way, we can always understand the impossible, but we can try and ignore it for once. Take a stand for ourselves sometimes, but keeping yourself sane at times of crisis is far more a power than indulging with people who won’t even listen!


But ,what it means to be human?

And who am I to tell you that!?

Well, I am a human and to be human, is to support other beings in existence and in surviving. In fighting and in thriving. In struggling and in growing. In losing and in winning. 

To be Human, is to be Human in EVERY situation. 


Don’t Produce Kids

I am not asking you to not have sex. Let’s be clear. Do whatever you want to. People are doing what they want anyway! But please use protection. It’s definitely the most important resource right now. With everything happening around us, it’s important not to make any further mistakes! We’ve already committed plenty.

The people who are getting married or planning a family, guys please think about it!!!! Do you REALLY want another ranting human being? That kid would rant more than we do! Especially for cleaner air to breathe, water to drink and playfields!!! That kid would have more social media accounts than the number of teeth! 

You want a kid? Adopt One! There are so many kids surviving without a family! Give them one. May be they’ll survive better.

Truth is, what have we achieved being born?!! We are the pawns of time! Moreover, Pawns of the system!

We choose leaders who are here to fulfill their intentions. 

We choose lovers who cheat on us.

We choose jobs that we don’t really fit in.

We choose expenses that we really can’t afford! 

We CHOOSE our lives. 

Yet, we blame it on life.

Who do you think will face the consequences of OUR choice? Us? No. Not at all. We’ll be long gone, struggled, survived, fought and won may be!

But the next generations will thank you ????

For pollution.

For debts.

For laws that doesn’t make any sense.

For poverty that really doesn’t go away!

For resources that won’t exist anymore!

For climate change.

For global warming.

For being born under such drastic circumstances, even when we knew what was coming!!!

Keeping aside the people who’re doing SOMETHING to attain the resources and rights back, trying to bring in the change we ALL want and NEED, what are the rest of us doing?

We are creating humans to LIVE IN THE WORLD THAT WE DIDN’T HELP BUILD!!!! 

YES. You did nothing!! You just stood there,watching  and wasting all the resources!

These people may not even read this!! But if you know anyone who’s wasting stuff, share this with them! And if you’re the one who’s trying to save it, THANKYOU. Keep it up. But still, DON’T PRODUCE KIDS.


It all sounds so negative and demotivating right?

Well, that’s not intended.

It’s just the bitter truth!

Think it this way! This is a very crucial time for economy.

We’re all managing finances somehow. Fulfilling our needs via EMIs and savings.

A kid’s expenses are twice or thrice of your monthly income! Plus the stress and anxiety. Your freedom will go away. No more hanging out with buddies and no more vacations with friends!



If you still want kids, then you should become a good no no, a better human being altogether. Else, the next generation will dance on your head without a question and then it’ll be too late. You’d wish, if they were never born or if there’s a chance the world can end soon!!!

Oh wait! Is That what you’re contributing for??!!!!


Now I get it!!!!!


Okay! My bad. Keep going.

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How To Deal With Anxiety

Life is sooooo, ugh, I can’t even describe it! It was so great when we were in school. The things that used to worry us out were actual problems. Like, puberty, pimples, crush and attractions! That senior or junior who is so cute, but no, they’re senior! “But oh my gosh, did you like see like how cute he ysss!!!Like , Totallaayy”…! Then we went to college, discovered some more problems, like assignments, grades, college fests, competitions and winning and hostel life, and puberty to the next level, pimples became acne and all! Like actual problems, literally! We thought how hard can life be? Once I get a job or go ahead in my career, everything will be juuuuust fine! Just breathe¡!! Pheww… ThEN CAME THE WRATH OF EARLY 20S, WHERE EVERY DAY FELT LIKE A BATTLE AND EVERYONE WAS EITHER A FRIEND OR AN ENEMY BUT NO ONE COULD BE CONSIDERED A STRANGER, BECAUSE ADULTS ARE WEIRD. …..

With time, came struggles of course, physical, emotional and mental. Raise your hands if you have anxiety, breakouts on your whole body and have  no  idea what you’re going to do in life!!!! Yeah, well! When you’re going through this stressful phase, feels like never ending, just keep in mind these 5 points-

  1.  You’re not alone and it happens with everyone.
  2. Everything in this world is temporary, the good times and the bad times. That’s how we balance right?!!
  3. You’ve faced harsh times and have conquered them before. You can do it again.
  4. Hard times are there for a lesson. Learn everything you can from this situation!

Sincerely, These things are the best things to cope with any situation because you know, they’re negatively positive, reassuring and a bit true ! So try them if you want to.

Now, of course we are talking about anxiety! I think, in this millennial generation, if you don’t have anxiety, you’re missing out on something man!!! Get a life!!

Okay, jokes apart, anxiety is like cold, everyone has it and it can be okay for a while, but before you know it, you’re again inside the trap!

Anxiety have many types. The main ones are Emotional and Social (I think). Seriously, I have read nothing about it, just experience is talking!

Emotional anxiety is very draining and exhausting (both are like same words, but i like them both here, so..). It hits you slowly. Like one day, you feel tired a bit, not that active or motivated, even if you did everything right! You feel lost for no reason. You create reasons. The brain plays a bitch role here. And the next day, you have a breakdown. You feel breathless and hopeless. You feel like you’re going to die and nobody will save you. And it’s hard to breathe and you feel dizzy! … Finally, it stops. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s called a panic attack / anxiety attack. You feel fine and better the next day by the way. So Yayy? Or Nayy?….

Nayyyy…… Super Duper Nayyyy!

Anxiety attacks are one of the worsts! So I hope you don’t have them.

Social Anxiety (from what I’ve learnt) is directed to the social conditions around as ,as the name suggests. Like ,loud sounds irritate you, people irritate you, basically everything irritates you.

There’s a sub-part to this for me, called OCD! (Yeah, Monica Geller has it and alot of you as well..)….OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder and it is basically something you are obsessed about but also not obsessed about like when you are leaving your house and you think you forgot to switch off the stove or the gas but you already did that but you still check it like twice or thrice before leaving the house, so that’s called OCD.

I have experienced these types of anxieties and I have dealt with them. So I am going to tell you, how you can deal with anxiety too!!!

When it comes to our feelings and emotions, the heart is the master. So when it comes to emotional anxiety, the heart is the one you need to trick and train to control it. The things that you can do are -you can do deep breathing when you feel like very anxious. You can try as much as you can to let it all out by but crying, don’t overdo it, you’ll get exhausted. You can also do a workout or exercise or go out cycling or for a walk because it really helps to keep your heart into better circulation mode and  it helps with the mood to become better. So, this is how you can deal with emotional anxiety but the problem is, if you have anxiety you need to be careful about your habits and the people you hang out with. You also need to keep a track on how often do you get panic attacks or feel anxious which can help you to control it the next time anything happens. Keep a track of triggers around you that make you anxious and remove them from your life. Take good care of YOU.



When it comes to our feelings and emotions, the heart is the master. So when it comes to emotional anxiety, the heart is the one you need to trick and train to control it. The things that you can do are -you can do deep breathing when you feel like very anxious. You can try as much as you can to let it all out by but crying, don’t overdo it, you’ll get exhausted. You can also do a workout or exercise or go out cycling or for a walk because it really helps to keep your heart into better circulation mode and  it helps with the mood to become better. So, this is how you can deal with emotional anxiety but the problem is, if you have anxiety you need to be careful about your habits and the people you hang out with. You also need to keep a track on how often do you get panic attacks or feel anxious which can help you to control it the next time anything happens. Keep a track of triggers around you that make you anxious and remove them from your life. Take good care of YOU.


When it comes to our social behaviour, our reflexes and our responses, the brain is the master. To deal with people around you, you first need to train your brain to be calm and the trick of deep breathing helps here as well. It helps both the heart and the brain,so do the deep breathing thing. You can also meditate or if you cannot concentrate while meditating you can just close your eyes and calm your mind for just about a minute or two. You should take small breaks in between your work or your tasks. That just recharges your brain so that you don’t feel stressful and anything like anxiety can stay away from you. If you still feel very anxious or stressful, you should journal a lot.   You should write down your emotions,you should write down whatever you’re feeling. This really helps because the brain is kind of a hollow vessel and it can contain only few things. It gets worked up with a lot of information, so you need to let out some of the information in order to make room for some other information you really want to keep in your brain. So that is how you trick your brain to remain stress free, by unloading it.

For OCD, the trick you can apply to your brain sound simple, but is very difficult! You have to control your brain and not let the brain control you. So, tell yourself repeatedly that you have already done that task and you don’t need to check it again. You have to do it repeatedly, only that’ll work and otherwise the brain will control you like it always do. So try to take control of your brain and that’s all I think you can do.

You can deal with all the hardships in your way. The only thing stronger than these hard times is our will to remove them and enjoy life as it is.

 Take Care.