Poetry is my strength & my escape from the unwanted feelings.

Hi, I’m Taruni. I spend most of my time writing, reading, creating and daydreaming. Enjoy reading the musings of my heart.

A Dream World

I wish to live in the world, Where I am my only judge. A world so free, That my demons leave me….. I wish to empower, Myself & my beauty… Only, in that dream world, I’ll get my due for my silent duty…. I wish to live in the land of NOT men, Or women,… Continue reading A Dream World

The Balance Of Good & Bad

I had a thought, to be bad, It changed somehow, people were mad! Why do they care if I choose for myself a tad? I went all good though, For the sake of my own stand. Being good has been exhausting, Yet, it feels bad when people misunderstand. That makes even the good to turn… Continue reading The Balance Of Good & Bad

The Invisible Sorrow

I was drowning into the darkness, And I saw this light, right into my eyes. It was blinding, yet, invisible. It wasn’t the sun, nor the lost star. It was you, a frightening scar. You made such promises of now and then. I wished us forever, but you liked to pretend. Was I wrong, that… Continue reading The Invisible Sorrow

Drowning Into The Darkness!

I didn’t deserve this. Neither did you. But we’re left with a nothingness, Never to be finished, Or to reach a destination. Senses are boycotting every essence of your being. I can’t tell them otherwise either. I know I didn’t deserve this. The heart is heavier than ever. May be scared to let go of… Continue reading Drowning Into The Darkness!

Can You Breathe?

“I can’t breathe”, is a revolution, When will “I need someone” be? Let them see, that you’re in pain, But they won’t listen, when you’ll scream! You’ve been screaming for a while now, But is your voice shaking, or is it still strong & how? You can give up now, they will mourn your absence,… Continue reading Can You Breathe?

Look At The Sky!

So brave & kind, Awarding peace of mind.. The sunset pink, fading away in night blues, Just like ‘my blues’, accepting truce.. The trees in focus, while the sky in the background, It’s a nature’s canvas, just need to look around. With every detail intact, yet messy, Pink clouds and invisible sun, gifting solaces. Famished… Continue reading Look At The Sky!

Pain Is A Friend

I’d say yes, you’re right. Pain a friend so tight. Never leaves my side, Just seems invisible at times! The feeling lost once in a while, The longing for love in mind, The knowing, love hurts in the heart, It all plays a part. Though, not having anyone, Still feeling pain inside, Means pain is… Continue reading Pain Is A Friend

A Scam Called DREAM

A Poetic Rant. Let Dreams be dreams. Don’t let them scream. It’ll be worse than it seems. They put pressure on our hearts, And are empowered to control what we want! They ruin reality,  And don’t let life be. They ask us to hustle,  And in the process, we even forget ourselves. Dreams manipulate our needs… Continue reading A Scam Called DREAM

You’re My Home!

I miss you so much so, Like I have nowhere to go. In my dreams and daydreams as well, You’re there even when I can’t tell. I have been writing poetry about you, Thinking you’ll leave & the hurt will end too. By the day, it’s getting worse, I can’t lose you, it’s like I… Continue reading You’re My Home!

I Cried A Little.

A Poetic Story. Days have passed, With pain inside my heart. Suppressing it hard, It could tear me apart. I thought it was time, Time to be smart. I should cry a little, It will help me restart. Once I cried, watching a film. Twice I cried, thinking about my kiln. I knew I was… Continue reading I Cried A Little.

It’s Okay.

It really is. To breakdown once in a while. To let the world forget your mind. To hear wrongs & feel trapped. To love so much & lose yourself. To cry when no one’s watching. To have no clue of what’s happening. To forget why you started IT. To feel the pain and take it… Continue reading It’s Okay.

You’re not the ONE!

A POEM. Your hopeless hope , Told me today, that you’re a foe. You don’t care now I know, I am angry & sad, Not at you but on myself. I believed you’re my love, I just realised you’re not the one. Love shouldn’t hurt like this, Lovers are partners & not strangers that we… Continue reading You’re not the ONE!

Found Peace?

A POEM. I don’t know peace, I know what it feels like occasionally. May be its in the cup of tea, Or in the sleeping soundly after tiring for weeks! I find peace in planting seeds, The soil makes me feel tranquility. Sometimes I find it in cleaning around me, It’s like cleaning your head… Continue reading Found Peace?

I Was Sixteen.

A POEM. I was sixteen you see.Wild & Free,Always in a Hurry!I met new people and old ones,I found more liberty!I got to know Love,I was met with mistakes & glee.There were times of sorrow,but the bad times didn’t grow as trees.Naive & Stupid, I was running all around,With love & affection for enemies…It’s okay though.They were my friend at a point,Now the point is an infinite line,Intersecting with… Continue reading I Was Sixteen.

I See You

A POEM. There you go, With your ego. I see you, every day, You try to escape. Yet, I am clever than your head’s gate! You were there, when I wasn’t playing games, I saw you, seeing me with your eyes so tame! Hypnotising! I must say, Eyes do tell everything you don’t say. Your… Continue reading I See You

I Still Wait For You.

A POEM. The world have begun to end, I still wait for you. Again. Still. My heart & my soul, You don’t show up anymore. I won’t move ahead until you do, Without your heart, my heart remains in two. I forget everyday what you said. I only care about myself. I love you for… Continue reading I Still Wait For You.

The Longing In Vain

I longed him like the tree longs for rain.I desired his touch as if it could heal the painAlthough, he never touched me for real,But that wasn’t needed to love him,He touched my soul in an old fashioned way. Years after months after days after hours,Still, my hope was as rigid as the spring flower’s…Hope… Continue reading The Longing In Vain

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