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I Have Nothing To Write Today!

It’s not an excuse for not writing. It’s the reason for slow writing or no writing at all!

This isn’t writer’s block! This is creativity block!!

How do I know?

I WANT to write but I can’t THINK of anything unique to write on!!! This isn’t the first time I am in this situation. It happens when I write consistently for a while & suddenly I can’t think of anything to write about!! I am sure this happens with every writer who loves this art!! It’s like “showing up even when you don’t know the address”… The passion that flows in our arteries is much bigger than the blank slate in our head! That’s why I am writing about not having anything to write about! The thing is, writing is an escape for some, for some it’s an exercise. Meaning- It is important to do it everyday! Even when you feel like it or not.

I have worked in the Radio Industry for a while, making me a content creator, storyteller and may be an entertainer. I do so many things that I always went blank people asked me who I was!! After writing for so long in so many forms, I couldn’t figure out that my entertaining skills, content creation, storytelling & hosting had ONE base!!! WRITING. Now, I say “I am a Writer”. I don’t earn anything from it right now, but I am working in that direction.

Society has made it so hard for creative heads. If you were to follow your passion, you won’t be accepted as that ARTIST until you start making some decent amount of money from that ART. I believe that art is art, an artist is a professional, even when he/she starts with his/her art! There’s no weighing them as a fresher or a professional. And so, I am a writer now, I was a writer when I didn’t realised it & I will remain one.

It was a good decision to write when I had nothing to write, because my thoughts as a writer are clueless and scattered but my passion as a writer is as focused as my heart’s functioning in my chest.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

Taruni Sharma is a content creator in the entertainment field. She is a writer & being interested in human psychology & life’s philosophy (& because of being too emotional), she loves writing poetry & prose about love, life, self & personal development. Stay in touch by following her Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify Podcast, Linkedin, Youtube & Quora.

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