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LOVE Doesn’t Hurt; It Helps Us Grow

Love & Growth – Our Life’s Purpose

I still don’t understand, what is it about love, that I have written so much about it and I still want to write about it! Confusing right? Trust me, I have written to be in love & the truth about unrequited love, even innumerable poems too! I am still not finished. I don’t think I ever will be! 

I am not talking about friendships and the relationships we have in our lives with different people. I am only talking about romantic relationships. As friendships and family gives us love without asking for it, or without having to struggle for it you may say! In these relationships, it comes naturally to everyone. This is my family, I have to love them. These are my friends, I will love them no matter what. It’s like you have no choice and nothing else you can do about it. 

But what happens in a romantic relationship? You literally ASK yourself, “Do I love this person?” or “Does this person love me?”. You analyse everything closely, if this person will inspire you or not. If this person will love you on the days when you can’t even love yourself!! If this person is going to ACCEPT you, as you are!! You don’t have to ask or think too much about all this in other relationships in your life.

Terms & Conditions


 In a romantic relationship, both parties have certain requirements or expectations and both of them see in each other, if they match the potential needed by the other. But in some scenarios, or mostly, when it comes to LOVE, the expectations are invisible. Even if the person is completely opposite of what we wanted, there is no going back once love happens. But how does love happen?

“Unconditional love is the epitome of true love.”

There are no terms & conditions when it comes to love. A person can be far away, and you can still fall in love with them (even if you don’t see them physically or meet). That’s the algorithm of long distance relationships, right? No. Wrong. That’s the algorithm of unconditional love. In a long distance relationship, there are some conditions, such as the hours spent talking or texting, how many video calls per week, online gift deliveries and so on….. Unconditional love is the epitome of true love. True love doesn’t have these conditions. Unconditional love is simply without any conditions. Even if the person is miles away, you don’t even talk anymore and they still manage to let your heart skip a beat. Some people call it unrequited love. I used to call it myself. But not anymore. Unrequited love is totally a different aspect of love, it is more twisted and lean more towards obsession. 

Unconditional love is not an obsession, but acceptance. Acceptance of truth and of the person’s truth as well. The truth that hurts, but is accepted with love, for love. Acceptance that this love may never happen, but that doesn’t mean you stop loving them, it just gets better with time. You love them still, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.

And there goes the concept of terms & conditions down the drain. 

That’s our purpose- Love. Accept. Love some more.

What Now ? Once you love someone unconditionally, will you ever be happy with someone else? If so, how?

“Even from a far away land, the love you hold in your heart is strong enough to make you the best version of you if you let it.”

The Future of LOVE with Unconditionality

It is difficult, yes; to love someone without losing yourself. It is not impossible. People say, to be in love, is to love with your heart, soul, body and mind. True Love don’t let you lose yourself, it helps you grow and find yourself. Even from a far away land, the love you hold in your heart is strong enough to make you the best version of you if you let it. 

Once you find yourself, your love will find it’s way as well. Everything around you will start making sense. It didn’t before, because to you, it was only about the person you love, but now, it’s about YOU. After all this, you will feel relieved and your love will grow in a way you always wanted it to. It will serve your soul and fill it with creativity and personal growth. You will create and share. You will love yourself like you never did before, because you’re not in the idea of love, You are ‘in’ love. This unconditional love shows us the path to our higher self. There can be questions about how are we ever going to be in a relationship, if we keep loving like that? If the person we love is not the one we’ll be with, but then how can we be with someone else!!? 

“The love never dies. Love is immortal.”

The person we want a relationship may not be the one. The person who’s meant to be with us will come along the way while we enjoy our lives as it is. They will come and stay, unexpectedly longer. It can be anyone. The people you know, or a stranger you should’ve known! They will make you feel happy and beautiful. They will talk about all the things you want to talk about and more. They will make you feel like home. And even before you know it, your love will ‘transfer’ into that person. Yes, transfer. The fact is, once you love someone truly, you can not un-love them. The love never dies. Love Is Immortal. But, when someone else comes into our lives, you see your LOVE in them. You think , “this person seems familiar”. This familiarity comes from the person you already loved. You can see their resemblance in this new person and you feel like this one’s even better! You fall in love again. Not because you un-love the one you loved, but you were never out of love and now you can just share your love with the one who’s willing to share theirs.

This relationship will last and this love will become your new epitome of not true, but real love. Real love happens when you know the hurt, the pain, the effort that goes into loving someone and that doesn’t bother you anymore. Real Love is also unconditional, because you know all the conditions but the one condition makes you forget them all- that you love them. 

After a heart-wrenching incomplete true love in your life, you experience Real Love. The only difference is that in real love, you will not repeat the mistakes you did before. You will fight for this to work and will go all the way to have a happy relationship. That’s how you re-love with your true love and make it real. You ACCEPT & GROW.

I hope you find your real love and if you already have, you know what to do. Love is the strongest power that exists, let’s use it the way it is meant to be. Let’s re-invent L.O.V.E. and give it the credit it deserves. 

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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