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Why It Is Important For Us To Talk Heart To Heart

Remember? The nights of utter silence. The days of extreme presence and the evenings with true stories…. I remember each and every moment, where I lived my 100%, in the moment. I remember them because I WANT TO. Now I don’t get the moments where I don’t THINK! If you’re the same, you know what I am trying to say.

I still remember playing basketball with my best friends. I miss it everyday. I still remember the long walks on rainy days and the loud laughters in between the say! I still find treasure in my memories when I told my best friend that, “Hey! You’re my Best Friend”… And can never forget how she said the same. It was in 11th standard during a free class. It was my first heart to heart with her. I realised how important it has been for me…

I have told the people that I LOVE them so many times, that I am pretty sure they might start doubting that I do! But how it feels after you say it, is like therapy. I understand, sometimes it’s troublesome. Your true emotions are hard to express. That is why you keep them locked inside the chamber of secrets. Yet, there is always a Harry, who’ll open it once he knows the language…! (Potter-heads having an orgasm right now?! You’re welcome.) I had trouble too. I started writing. Blogging. Talking…. Well, I love talking if I want to! Especially when it is heart to heart. Still. I do talk. So, Ask yourselves this, “When was the last time I had an heart to heart conversation with ANYONE for that matter?”! Your answer may lie in that frown you just made! Or may be in the smile of satisfaction! Any which way it is, an heart to heart is important.

Here’s why:

It Keeps You Happier

I don’t need to elaborate on this. You know you feel happier or better whenever you share feelings with someone. it’s a basic human need. That’s why we love! We have companions, friends and family. They make us happy. When you go heart to heart with them, you know they won’t judge you and will accept you as you are. That makes you feel happier. So, go now, talk to someone and tell them whatever it is you want to say. It’s better than wasting it inside yourself!!

It Gives You “Your Tribe”

This one’s also a no brainer. You choose friends, they choose you. The choice isn’t based on any demographics, it is based on the connection. With the heart to heart talks, you find your tribe too. You know the true ones who’ll be there for you no matter what. You can cry in front of them and tell them that you’re hurt and they’ll love you more. You can get drunk with them and they’ll hold you. They accept you and you accept them.

It Keeps You Grounded

Yes, it does. When you talk heart to heart with people, there’s no place for pretending or lies. There’s no room to hold grudges. Whatever is inside your head, you’ve shared it out, which is why you become more understanding of people and their behaviour. You care more and that keeps you honest and grounded.

You Find Yourself

This is the most important outcome of going heart to heart with people. When you share your heart and listen to other’s, you become aware of emotions you weren’t before. You start understanding yourself. You realise the repercussions of all your actions, even before you take them. You analyse things better , your approach to things become more practical. Your EQ (Emotional Quotient) is higher which makes you mature and responsible towards people and yourself. The self-awareness you get makes you serious about the things that YOU want. You find yourself in the process. The greatest gift of an heart to heart is to find ourselves!

The greatest gift of an heart to heart is to find ourselves!

These were some reasons to go heart to heart today. I know there are more. If you find any of yours, please share them in the comments below. If you think people should talk more heart to heart, share this with them.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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